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About Hinbor

Hinbor is a campus-based pickup service platform integrated with social features.


Hinbor provides users with long-term deals for on-campus food instant pickup without waiting in the line and an in-app community group chat where users can connect with new schoolmates.


New version launched in Oct. 2023, Hinbor has been double the growth month over month!




Hinbor has been in partnership with many vendors, including some well-known chains such as


A&W Canada, Teadot, Uncle Fatih's Pizza, FreshSlice Pizza, Steve's Poke Bar, Crews 1972 Los Angeles, Enzo's Pizza UCLA, Dipnmix UCLA, Cup O' Joy USC, Steve's Poke Bar, Sammiche Shoppe USC, Piara Pizza, Pink Pig UCI, Enzo's Pizza UCLA, Dipnmix UCLA, Supita UCLA, Sharetea (UBC, UW, UC Berkeley), Great Dane Coffee UBC, Blenz Coffee SFU, Cafe Durant Berkeley, Goldie’s Coffee Berkeley, Cafe Milano, Yifang, I'm Yogost, Yomie's Rice Yogurt, 101 Boba, Teadot, Bengong's Tea, Yifang, Cold Plate UW, RojiMonster, Boba Up UW, Meraki Tea Bar, Bombay Masala and ......

Our Story 


Hinbor means Hi Neighbor.

I grew up with my grandma in a small town. At that time, neighbours were all well-connected. It came naturally that neighbours help each other with small favours. 

I remember my grandma asked me to deliver a thank you note and freshly-baked cookie to my neighbour and we all looked out for each other.

But I couldn’t see that anymore. When I was in my second year at UBC, I used to help my neighbours pick up groceries when I went shopping. I got lots of friends. Gradually the shop owners provided us with discounts too. 

Finally, Hinbor was born, aiming to provide affordable foods and bring unity back into our community!


Jack Jia

​CEO Hinbor 

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