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Hinbor (previously Hi Neighbor) is pivoting and expanding and now is on the cutting edge of using AI-powered Inventory Optimization to manage inventory levels in real-time with the analysis from collected grocery shopping behavior Data. With advanced machine learning algorithms, our system continually learns from data from production orders, purchase orders and supplier deliveries to glean stocking recommendations and more.

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Actionable insights

With our custom Hinbor AI algorithms, we make your big data into smart data.


Enhance Inventory Management

Artificial intelligence inventory management enables enhanced and instant forecasts based on real-time data

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Manage your menu with a few clicks

Import your menu, edit menu items, remove menu items,  and update modifiers across platforms, brands and locations in a single place.


Minimized Downtime Through the Help of Predictive Analytics

This cost-effective solution utilizes predictive algorithms to allow you to detect anomalies and failure patterns, learn from them, and predict future failing issues. The result is lower downtime as predicted problems can be prevented before they occur. 

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