Frequently asked questions

What is Hi Neighbor?

Hi Neighbor is a platform where neighbors can offer to help each other pick up groceries, earn discounts, and connect.

How does the app work?

Hi Neighbor connects neighbors to grocery stores and restaurants so they can order food. We also connect neighbors to each other so they can help each other pick-up and deliver.

When and where is Hi Neighbor Available?

Hi Neighbor is currently only available in the UBC Point Grey campus, but we will expand our location soon. Our APP works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, stores can decide their availability based on their opening hours. Most stores are closed by 9 pm.

How to offer help on Hi Neighbor?

Click ‘Offer Help’ on the App. Then choose either ‘Purchase and Help’ or ‘Just want to Help’ based on your needs. Both options provide a 20% discount coupon as reward

How do I accept my neighbor’s help and get free delivery?

Click ‘Receive Help’ button on the App. Then pick the store you want to purchase from. Browse to see which neighbors’ meetup location matches your location. Then click ‘Order Now’ to purchase.

How is the delivery time calculated?

The estimated departure and arrival time is chosen by the neighbor offering help, depending on their schedule. To know the exact timing, neighbors offering and accepting help will be able to chat with each other.

Why do I see different restaurants at different times?

When merchants are very busy, they can choose to offline their stores for a while, to prevent order cancellations or longer delivery times. This change is usually made for a short period. If you can't see a specific merchant you're looking for, you can try again later and it should be there.

If I accepted my neighbor’s help, how do I know the exact meetup time and location?

After you’ve accepted a neighbor’s help for pick up, you will be paired up with that neighbor in the chat function. You can message them to talk about the meetup details.

What if the meetup time has passed, but I still didn’t receive my order?

First, you can contact the neighbor offering help through the chat function on the App. You will be able to talk to them until an hour has passed after the meetup time. If your neighbor is not responding, or if an hour has passed after the meetup time, you can call Hi Neighbor’s customer service. We will contact the helping party and issue a refund if necessary.

As the party offering help, what if I am unable to deliver my neighbor’s order?

Contact Hi Neighbor’s customer service as soon as possible so we can notify your neighbor. After our investigation, if you have a legitimate reason for cancellation, we will not penalize you. However, your profile will be under close monitoring. If similar situations happened over three times, your account may be cancelled.
If you do not have a legitimate reason for cancellation, we will keep the preauthorized amount of credit from your card to refund your neighbor.