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How to create a UBC Event

Celebrate the launch of a new social media platform - Hinbor: Expand your social network!

When we started Hinbor, previously known as Hi Neighbor, we wanted to bring the school community together, where students can meet up through the app. We wanted to set ourselves apart from other meetup apps in the market. Therefore, we decided to combine the two most popular activities: delivering food and meeting new people in our app.

After a full year of understanding the market and launching our well-established food delivery aspect of the app. Hinbor is proud to announce the launch of the newest feature on the Hinbor app: join school events!

Users can now create their ubc events and invite like-minded users to join their events, such as study groups, and sports events, with just a few clicks! It's also an integrated social media platform to check out the latest ubc news!

Here is the procedure to show you how to create a ubc event:

🟪 Before we start any steps:

To create a new event, simply click on the + sign located at the bottom of your screen.

🟪 STEP 1:

Then you will be brought to the “Create New Event” page. Here, you can input the details of your event and set any rules/restrictions.

🟪 STEP 2:

Next, move to “Step 2”. Set the location and time of your event

🟪 STEP 3:

In “Step 3”, you can categorize your event to make other users understand it better.

🟪 STEP 4:

Your final step is to choose whether your event is public or exclusive to your group/friends and set the admission fees (customizable to different tier levels).

🟪 STEP 5:

And you are all set!

🟪 Additional information:

Should your event be set to public, it would be shown on the map view for your fellow neighbours to join.

🟪 Additional information:

You can also manage your events in the “MY EVENT” tab. On top of creating events, users can now have a better glimpse at upcoming events partnering UBC clubs are hosting, allowing YOU to partake in club events that interest YOU.

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